Without unnecessary information, one can review the principle of wind energy and electricity production with wind turbines, also one studies each one of the elements which form these equipment deeply.

In addition, one reviews exploitation of wind parks and current trends. It is the newest and most complete technical course concerning Wind Energy and Wind Turbines. The course has an excellent graphical material and it is developed in an entertaining and participatory way.

In company course:

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ONLINE course:

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Type of course: On-site course, based in a presentation in PowerPoint.

Duration: 16 hours

Course level: No previous knowledge needed

Material: Colour book 17 x 24, rustic binding + workbook with test of the exercises + supporting material

Practices: Not made 

Courses director: Santiago García Garrido, graduate in Chemical Sciences and Technical Manager at RENOVETEC. Has more than 10 years of experience in companies such as Gas Natural, MASA, OPEMASA. He delivers courses related with the technology of Combustion Engines and electricity generation plants.


  • Wind power, basic principles
  • Transformation of wind energy into electrical energy
  • Evaluation of the wind resource
  • Choice of site
  • Land-based wind farms
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Types of wind turbines
  • Characteristic parameters
  • Main Components and Systems of a Wind Turbine
      • Gondola and tower
      • Blades
      • Bushing and slow shaft
      • Multiplier
      • Generator
      • Blade positioning system (Pitch)
      • Gondola positioning system (Jaw)
      • Lubrication Systems
      • Control system
  • Main current commercial wind turbines, analysis of differences
  • Maintenance of the main elements and systems of a wind turbine
  • Programmed maintenance
      • Maintenance strategy
      • The development of a park maintenance plan
      • Generic System Maintenance Instructions
      • Lubrication tasks
      • Technical cleaning
      • Blade cleaning
      • Gondola cleaning
      • Monthly / quarterly maintenance
      • Biannual / annual maintenance
      • Great review
  • Corrective maintenance
      • Small corrective: detailed analysis of small failures
      • Large corrective: detailed analysis of the great corrective
  • Technical means
      • List of mechanical tools
      • List of electrical tools
      • List of instrumentation tools
  • Contracting the maintenance of parks
      • Contract time + materials
      • Contracting preventive maintenance
      • Contracting of predictive inspections
      • Contract at a closed price
      • Win-to-win contracts: price per mwh generated
      • Actual trends
  • Conclusions