RENOVETEC provides various services in industrial plants in general and in power plants of various technologies in particular. 

To do this, the technical staff of RENOVETEC moves to the customer premises throughout the world to develop a wide range of services, among which are the following (click on the one you want for more information): 

  • Ingenieria Forensics 
  • Analysis of root cause 
  • Technical evaluation of facilities 
  • Realization of boroscopias in all kinds of equipment (turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.) 
  • Instrumentation Calibration (with calibrated standards and issuance of certificates) 
  • Vibration Analysis (spectrum of vibration) in rotating machines (turbines, pumps, compressors, motors, etc.) 
  • Surveys of mechanical equipment 
  • Surveys of electrical equipment 
  • Maintenance of the solar field in thermosolar 
  • Analysis by ultrasound of bearings, electrical cabinets, substations, valves, etc.