RENOVETEC performs conceptual engineering energy projects related to power generation plants. In conceptual engineering RENOVETEC turns all his knowledge in the design of power plants, seeking technologically and economically optimal solutions.

RENOVETEC offers two types of services related to engineering conceptual energy projects:

1. Review of conceptual engineering by another engineering.

Many customers want a second opinion before making the investment, and independent expert opinion. To do this, RENOVETEC has its own optimal design criteria, and their own calculation software, which compares against the development made by the customer contracted engineering. This way you can identify:

  • Possible errors, blur or parsing errors in the economic model
  • Possible improvements in the initial selection of equipment
  • Possible improvements in the use of the latest technologies and advances in such projects
  • Possible improvements in the arrangement of equipment
  • Possible improvements affecting the operation and maintenance of equipment

2. Making conceptual engineering

RENOVETEC can provide expertise in energy projects, usually related to thermal power plants, cogeneration plants and biomass power plants. The scope of the conceptual engineering RENOVETEC includes:

  • Feasibility analysis, including sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis of technical options and selection of technology applicable to the project
  • Determination of Optimum Power
  • Performing detailed thermodynamic model
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Initial selection of equipment, especially the long delivery time
  • Study of the optimal arrangement of equipment

Surely the Conceptual Engineering RENOVETEC try to go one step further in the development of conceptual engineering, providing valuable information to perform the detailed engineering in a more efficient and save time throughout the project.

What is the conceptual engineering

Conceptual Engineering is one of the stages, phases or parts that make up an engineering project.

In general, the phases spanning an industrial project are:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Purchasing Management Equipment and Materials.
  • Construction and / or assembly
  • Commissioning or commissioning
  • Performance Tests
  • Acceptance tests for the Client
  • Customer delivery for commercial project

Conceptual Engineering is thus the first phase or stage of an engineering project. This is the phase in which the desired objectives are set by the customer, are set to apply such technologies are defined under standards that regulate the design and establishing the economic evaluation criteria and calculation of profitability. Once these are necessary to reconcile the bases or standard criteria of financial institutions or credit with those established by the client, to develop alternative designs (called Cases) and evaluations of project profitability or rate of return for each case. The intended purpose of the study is to choose the alternative cases with which we proceed to develop the next phase or the cancellation of the project defined by low profitability.