RENOVETEC is one of the most reputable companies in the world to carry out energy audits. Besides the own realization of audits, maintains an intense training activity to train engineers able to carry out an energy audit with precision.

RENOVETEC currently has a very remarkable experience in the world of energy audits, he has the best technical means (thermal imaging cameras, networks, lighting measuring equipment analyzers, recorders data, etc.) and is legally capable of performing energy certificates in buildings. 

An audit energy is a study detailed in the use of the energy in an installation industrial or in a building. A thorough understanding of the energy consumption of an installation profile is obtained from the energy audit. With the information obtained during the audit process, it is possible to determine the possibilities of improvement, the savings that they will produce and even analyze the economic viability.

The points analysed in an energy audit, among others, are the followings:

  • Supply contracts and contractual improvement possibilities
  • Thermal generation of cold and heat, steam, cooling with evaporative towers, etc.
  • Losses of cold and heat by deficiencies in the isolates (thermography, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Energy balance and process performance
  • Tyres vacuum systems and compressed air
  • Quality network and rate distortion, load transformers, engines
  • Lighting technology

The audit report prepared by RENOVETEC includes the following aspects:

  • Contracts
  • Detailed analysis of the energy needs and points of consumption
  • Energy map
  • Summary of improvements detected
  • Action plan