Legal and other expert reports, damage assessment and incident investigation

RENOVETEC performs appraisals and evaluations of various kinds in industrial and energy facilities.

RENOVETEC Technical Department consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals of repute. The Expertise of RENOVETEC Service seeks technical advice and reporting of Court expert, assisting magistrates, judges, lawyers, courts, etc.. and how many people or entities need. Among RENOVETEC interventions related claims adjustment facilities include:

  • Legal and other expert reports of faults, incidents and state facilities
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of facilities
  • Investigation of the root cause of faults and failures
  • Damage Rating


RENOVETEC has agreements with manufacturers, insurance companies and law firms to perform work Expertise. He has appeared in over a dozen cases, which involved the installation of a detailed study of a particular fault.

Among the companies with which it has agreements RENOVETEC include:

  • MTU

It also participates with various transport companies, financial institutions and promoters of facilities for the study of potential faults in certain plants.