RENOVETEC maintenance audits in industrial and power plants, to determine whether the maintenance of the installation is being performed in accordance with best practices.

When the direction of a company or department responsible for the management considers whether it is maintenance is adequate, the answer may be yes, no or REGULAR. It is clear that any of the three responses is unsatisfactory, because between each of them there are many intermediate points of response, and it does not report on how things should be changed so that the management of the department could be considered excellent. The best solution when management wants to know if that is done is usually best to conduct an audit of maintenance management, comparing the current situation with a department exemplary, ideal, and determine what things separate reality from that model.

Aspects audited

RENOVETEC analyzes a total of nine sections of maintenance management at the facility:

  • Organizational Maintenance
  • Qualification and maintenance staff performance
  • The maintenance plan: development and implementation
  • Corrective maintenance and management
  • Tools and Technical
  • Replacement Management
  • Procedures: existence, structure, actual implementation
  • The management of information: reports, indicators and CMMS
  • Results

The final report

The main objective of an audit of maintenance management is to identify those areas for potential optimization and propose organizational and management changes that can make a maintenance system. Therefore, the report of the audits conducted by RENOVETEC describe the situation in which they found each of the issues discussed, with special mention of those points where differences are detected on the previously defined model of excellence. In addition, the report proposes the necessary changes to get closer to that model, even indicating deadlines and responsible for carrying out these changes.

The methodology

Maintenance Audit is based on: 

  • Analysis of various documents
  • Interviews with plant managers and certain technical
  • Visit to the facilities 

RENOVETEC audits are based on a questionnaire of 122 items, which are analyzed based on the information obtained in the analysis of documents, interviews and site visit.


The usual time to complete an audit of an industrial maintenance is one week, for an installation of medium complexity.

For what good is a maintenance audit

  • Determines whether the management of the main aspects related to maintenance (spare parts, personnel, work methods, safety, tools, etc.) Is adequate
  • Can be used for negotiations with major insurance, especially if the study has made a prestigious company. It is especially useful for hiring machinery insurance or major damage, achieving, in the event that the report does not reveal serious problems, significant reductions in premiums
  • It is a tool for improvement, it detects the points that are not managed properly (non-conformities) and proposes an action plan really useful and profitable
  • Determines if a maintenance contractor is doing an adequate job on site, or if, on the contrary, management will cause a rapid deterioration of the facility

Companies and stakeholders in conducting audits

First of all the companies that have outsourced maintenance service, and above all, companies that have maintenance contracts powerful are interested in whether management is being done properly.

Second, degraded industrial plants are also interested in knowing if the problems are due to deficiencies in the design or inadequate management of the production or maintenance. We must bear in mind that even when changing equipment or repair all faults that exist in a plant at a given time (stop, setup, etc..) If management is inadequate maintenance of the plant will to be degraded in a short space of time.

Finally, companies where security is important for potential hazard facilities (refineries, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, etc.) Also need to know that the maintenance and practices followed in that department are correct.

Common issues often detected in a management audit

Among the most repeated problems when performing audits in different companies are the following:

Unsuitable staffing structure

  • Excess or lack of staff
  • Bad structuring (especially, no staff present at key moments)

Lack of staff training

Failures in store spare

  • Disorder and lack of inventories
  • Store badly dimensioned

Lack of key tool

Maintenance failures and maintenance plan

  • No preventive maintenance is performed
  • The maintenance plan is not adequate

Various security problems

  • Faulty work permits
  • Faults in the unloading equipment
  • Lack of awareness on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)