Simulator thermoelectric power plants

RENOVETEC has developed a simulator of solar thermal for training purposes. The aim of this simulator is to train technicians for operation and maintenance of solar thermal plants, so that the technician can fully understand what happens to the variation of any parameter of operation:

The simulator has been developed by the Technical Department RENOVETEC. The main programming has fallen to Iosu Villanueva, Control Engineer trained at the University of Navarra. To program the solar field and HTF system has been assisted by Gonzalo Guerrón and Sebastian Guerra, Autonomous University of Madrid. Project coordination has been done by Santiago García Garrido, Technical Director RENOVETEC.

The simulator responds to a series of signs:

  • Variations in temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Variations in the angle tracking modules
  • Variations in the date and time at which the simulation is performed
  • Plant response to breakdowns of pumps, fans, etc.
  • Response of the main parameters to changes in the rate of HTF main pumps

With over 20 screens control, may act on the solar field, the HTF system, the water-steam cycle, steam turbine, electrical systems and auxiliary systems.

The simulator also provides energy balances of the plant, the TS diagram entener continuao for Rankine cycle progression with parameter variations, and the pressures, temperatures, flow rates and levels at all points of the circuit.

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