RENOVETEC performs and supervises the basic engineering of energy projects, acting as engineering of various promoters of energy property. RENOVETEC is one of the most reputable companies, with more experience and references as engineering of the property.

RENOVETEC is currently participating in differents engineering projects of industrial plants, in the feasibility study, conceptual engineering or basic engineering.

RENOVETEC offers two types of services related to the basic engineering of energy projects:

1. Review of the conceptual engineering carried out by other engineering: Property engineering

Many clients want a second opinion before making your investment, an expert and independent opinion. To do this, RENOVETEC has its own optimum design criteria, and their own calculation software, against which compares development that has made the engineering contract with the customer. In this way you can identify:

  • Possible mistakes, lack of definition or analysis of mistakes in the economic model.
  • Possible improvements in the equipments initial selection.
  • Possible improvements in the use of the latest technologies and advances in this type of projects.
  • Possible improvements in the equipment layout.
  • Possible improvements that affect equipment  operation and maintenance.

RENOVETEC believes that engineering should always be reviewed by a specialized company, which has not intervened in the preparation of the draft. That means, in the engineering review should take into account the following aspects::

  • Conceptual engineering, basic and detail should be monitored by independent experts.
  • These experts, who can be of the promoter staff and final owner of the installation, or hired for this purpose. They must have the necessary experience and people should be retailers, meticulous and demanding in its work.
  • They should not be linked to the engineering that has prepared the work in any way, to ensure their objectivity and independence.

RENOVETEC meets these criteria, and acts in many projects as property engineering.

2. Basic engineering implementation

RENOVETEC can provide its expertise in energy projects, usually related to solar thermal power plants, cogeneration plants and biomass thermoelectric power plants


It defines the general constraints and basic ideas of the project. These ideas and definitions of the project are the pillars that detail engineering will be based, for the execution of the construction drawings.

Basic engineering is developed by a small group of engineers (compared to the detail engineering that requires more dedicated people), who elaborate drawings, technical specifications, and if it is necesary, tender documentation.

In general the basic engineering defines:

  • Network studies: nominal currents, surges, future enlargements.
  • Physical location and orientation of electric station on the lines, and other requirements
  • Single-line diagrams (from the station, auxiliary services): bars systems, nominal current (bars), operating  voltages (maximum and minimum) auxiliary services voltages.
  • Lay out: distances between phases, and phase to Earth, connections height, gantries and stands types.
  • Buildings maximum dimensions (in particular command building): levels definition, premises definition.
  • Equipments definition and specifications: switches (interruption medium), isolators (shape, type, two or three columns, poles in indian row, or parallel, vertical sectioning, pantograph), protections types (special features, combined with command and signalling), command panels, protection panels, telecommand and teleprotection.
  • Wiring definition: kiosks, conjunction cupboards, types of cables used in different functions (multipolar shielded with armor, simple).
  • Basic functional diagrams.
  • Eventual bidding document.

The basic engineering is not constructive, with plans available at this stage cannot be built or assemble the equipment. This documentation is insufficient to evaluate the work and assembly work, with sufficient approximation to achieve a valid quote.