RENOVETEC carries out technical evaluations of industrial plants and general electrical installations in particular, to determine the technical status they are.  The technical evaluation of an installation condition , sometimes maintenance technical audits are useful in operations of purchase and sale of industrial assets, insurance of machinery breakdown, prior to the signature of contracts or O&M with great scope, to evaluate the work of a contractor or to make the decision on the realization of one comissioning of a degraded facility.

RENOVETEC, that maintains agreements with big companies of the industrial sector for the realization of this type of works, provides a great experience and a vision impartial, and also, has developed a software specific (EVALPLANT) as tool of support of great help in this type of works.

A technical evaluation is a kind of instant photography of the technical state of an an installation , as a whole and each of the equipment and systems that compose it. Evaluates as well that the status of an industrial installation after completed construction, well the degradation that has suffered this with the passage of time or even a possibility of a serious incident. We can say that the technical evaluation are used to determine all the failures that presents an industrial plant at a given moment and even the possibility of showing failures in the short or medium term.

With these information, it is possible to determine which equipments needs to be replaced completely, by having reached the end of its useful life, and what repairs or modifications would be carried out in the installation back to be in an acceptable technical state. It is even useful for other purposes: to determine the risks that an insurance company is acquired when you subscribe to a insurance policy of machinery breakdown, or the state in which a particular purchase and sale of assets operation is performed.

Of course, its realization requires a deep understanding of the installation, so it may only be performed by expert staff of main and auxiliary equipment that make up the plant, and with proven experience in this type of evaluations.

A technical evaluation of an industrial installation can be useful in the following circumstances:

  • Commissioning
  • Machinery breakdown insurance subscription
  • Evaluation of the operation and the maintenance of an plant
  • Evaluation of the management of a maintenance contractor
  • Purchase or sale transactions of facilities
  • Study of a possible revision or extension in an industrial plant 
  • Installation analysis for a new maintenance contract

Technical evaluations types

RENOVETEC carries out different types of technical evaluations, which differ among themselves by the level of complexity and depth of the evaluation. There are four types of evaluations:

  • Elementary evaluations
  • Basic evaluations
  • Detailed evaluations
  • Exhaustive evaluations

How a technical assessment is carried out?

RENOVETEC performs its assessments by completing a total of seven stages, until getting a job really rigorous and precise: 

  • Stage 1: Plant preliminary analysis
  • Stage 2: Determination of the type of assessment
  • Stage 3: Aspects to evaluate
  • Stage 4: Evaluation preparation
  • Stage 5: Documentation analysis
  • Stage 6: Plant visit
  • Stage 7: Preparation of the evaluation report