RENOVETEC has of a large catalog of courses of especially training directed to the solar thermal power plants. These courses address all the aspects related with the solar thermal power plants: htf system, water-steam cycle, commissioning, operation efficient, etc.

Among the courses that offers RENOVETEC are the following:


The OnLine courses designed by RENOVETEC have as objective the incorporation labor of the student to projects related with solar thermal power plants to the more high level. The training courses are nine, they can be study of form independent or grouped in three programs of training:

  • General termosolar course, 50 hours. It is a course that includes a overall vision of all the technologies, and a part specific of the CSP technology.
  • Solar field course, 50 hours. This course is centered in solar the field  of a solar thermal power plant termosolar with CSP technology.
  • HTF system course 50 hours. This course focuses on the HTF system, which is the most complex and unknown of a CSP solar thermal power plant.
  • Water-steam cycle course in solar termal power plants, 50 hours. This course is centered in the water-steam cycle, that is common to other thermoelectric plants, although the course highlights which are the main peculiarities in a CSP solar termal power plants.
  • Solar termal power plants construction course, 50 hours. Study charts, planning, common problems and aspects to take into account in the construction of a plant.
  • Solar thermal power plants commissioning course , 50 hours. Studies the process, those charts, planning, common problems and aspects to consider in the commissioning of a plant.
  • Operation efficient in solar termal power plants course 50 hours. He studied the charts, budget, boot types, types of stop, conservation of long duration, modes of operation, efficient operation of the solar field, the water-steam cycle and auxiliary systems
  • Solar thermal power plant maintenance course , 50 hours. The course studies the maintenance organization , the elaboration of the plan of maintenance according to three different techniques, budget, predictive maintenance techniques, major faults, spare management, tools and management information.

  • Risks working prevention in a solar termal power plant course, 50 hours. It is not a generic prevention course, but it specifically addresses the study of occupational risks in solar thermal power plants. Is the course more broad and deep of which integrate the program, aware of that the first concern of a director of plant must be the security.

Material that includes every course:

  • Training manual of the course on paper or digital format.
  • Test on-line of assessment for each unit training
  • Test end of the course
  • Tutoring online, through the platform Renovetec-online (
  • Telephone tutoring, skype or video conference, if the tutor and the student think it necessary, to deal with very specific issues
  • In the case of the program of plant manager, practices face-to-face in Madrid with the Simulator CSP developed by RENOVETEC, that is performed two times to the year in two days specific of form face-to-face.  

Certification that receives the student:

  • Technical specialist in solar thermal power plants
  • Director of work in solar thermal power plants
  • Director of operation and maintenance in solar thermal power plants