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The courses RENOVETEC are highly technical and practical, fleeing the concepts too theoretical (the university and other institutions already perfectly cover this paper) and courses focused exclusively to your business and management (there are excellent companies that offer this type of courses). 

Our courses focus on the equipment, its operating principles, the elements that compose it, the faults and problems that may present the resolution of these problems, the preventive maintenance and the operation of equipment and systems that make up an industrial installation. 

RENOVETEC organizes four types of courses: 

  • Attendance Training: convened by RENOVETEC in the main Spanish cities. 
  • In-Company Training: developed for a particular company in its facilities and in accordance with their needs. 
  • On-Line Training: transferred to distance through our platform 
  • OnTheJob Training: are carried out in the client company, for a small group and consist in learning how to develop an activity in the installation so that the team will be able to carry out this service. 

RENOVETEC can provide courses in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German Has taught courses in various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and participates in projects throughout the world.