RENOVETEC OnTheJob courses courses are courses designed to facilitate the professional development of the operation and maintenance of an industrial installation template. Not used a classroom, or a manual, or a presentation: is developed to the 100% in field, directly carrying out the work object of the course. It allows the InSourcing of certain works carried out in the installation, i.e. own staff to be able to perform jobs that are usually subcontracted. Currently RENOVETEC has more than 15 courses OnTheJob of different types, always with a high technical content.

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Cursos OnJob


Methodology of the OnTheJob Training 

The OnTheJob courses are performed directly in the field. It is based on the idea that the company you may find more interesting in the long term, and even cheaper in the short term, to train its staff to perform certain tasks that hire them to external companies. The market situation today requires a greater flexibility of the template, a greater versatility. The company can see reduced its costs and can improve the control over the tasks that are performed while the worker receives a formation strongly specialized that may be useful to you at any time of their professional life. 

During the OnTheJob course, the work to be done is carried out by the students, with continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the professor, who is indicating step by step what they have to perform. Each student must organize the work, configure and prepare the necessary equipment, to carry out the tasks that make up the activity which was the object of the course, to analyze the results and to reflect all this in a report, if required.

Cursos OnJob

RENOVETEC brings the specialized teacher, that guide thoroughly the activity, the methodology for carrying out the work, the procedures in digital format editable, the formats of all documents that might require, and even the technical means that are required, in the event that it is agreed with the client. 

Duration of the course 

The courses OnTheJob have a variable duration depending on the type of course, ranging between the two days (16 hours) for the less complex or 5 days (40 hours) to the most complex. 

Advantages of the courses OnTheJob 

The benefits of the courses OnTheJob compared to any other type of course you can receive are undoubted: 

  1. Are received directly in the installations of the customer, anywhere in the world. The professor who moves, and if necessary, moves the technical means agreed. 
  2. The courses OnTheJob are eligible partially by the Tripartite Foundation, May RENOVETEC take charge of all the necessary procedures. 
  3. The student develops really the skills necessary to carry out the work, since the performed from the first moment, supervised by the teacher. 
  4. The company saves costs from the first moment, since it is usually cheaper to make certain specialized work with staff hired to specialist companies. At a time when companies need to lower its cost of production, this is without doubt an unquestionable advantage.
  5. Teachers of RENOVETEC have all luxury of details how to do the work, with total transparency, putting all their knowledge at the service of the customer, and in order to trasmitírselos and perform the transfer of technology. Everything that RENOVETEC known about the work is available to the customer.

Cursos OnJob

Courses OnTheJob available 

Currently available are the following courses to be made immediately in the installations of the customer: 

  • Maneuvers in High and Medium Voltage 
  • Vibration Analysis 
  • Thermography 
  • Inspections Boroscopic
  • Alignment (laser and comparators) 
  • Instrumentation Calibration 
  • Energy Audits in Industry 
  • Energy Audits in Building 
  • Course OnTheJob of technical evaluation of industrial installations 
  • Perform Audits of Maintenance 
  • Elaboration of Maintenance Plans 
  • Implantation of RCM in Industries 
  • Operation of Gas Turbines
  • Operation of Gas Engines

Download the full catalog of courses  by clicking here